Rodent Smart Solutions
  • 1st Line defense - To deter rats and mice away from their natural habitat and entrance to internal area/premises.
Rat Repel
  • 2nd Line defense to repel rats /mice from their habitat and eliminate existing rats from their habitats
Glue Trap
  • 3rd Line defense - To trap existing rats to prevent the increasing rodent population
  • 4th Line defense - To control rodent infestations at a rapid rate.
Deep Heat Treatment
  • 5th Line of defense - To mask the senses and curb movement. After licking the dusting deep heat powder, rodents will not be able not to consume food or drink, ensuring a natural death without breeding
Rodent Baiting Station
  • 6th Line of defense - To trap and monitor rat activity


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We specialise in eco-friendly pest control management and also offer environmentally friendly non-toxic pest repellent merchandise to residential, commercial and industrial clients